School Visits 
The aim of my school visits are to inspire a love of reading, writing, and creativity! School was hugely influential in helping me gain the confidence to pursue writing, and that's one of the reasons I love school visits so much. 
I offer an assembly style talk, and a range of workshops, which can be tailored to the needs of different classes. I also offer a limited number of free Skype Q&As.  
On this page you will find further information about my visits, including pricing, and testimonials. 
What I offer
One hour talk: My talk is appropriate for a whole school assembly, or individual classes. I speak about my journey as a writer, my influences and inspiration, how I write, and how a book comes to life. My talk includes readings (where I'm dressed as a sheep...), book recommendations, writing tips, and a Q&A session
Workshops: I currently offer three different workshops, aimed at KS2 children. They are each one hour long, and most appropriate for one class at a time. The workshops are: 
1) Create Your Own Island: I work with children to create their very own islands, brainstorming ideas and drawing maps of them. We will then send a postcard to a person of their choice, describing our islands. 

This session combines creative writing with art, and gets the children to unleash their imaginations. The postcards enable each child to have a completed piece of writing by the end of the session. 
2) Character Development: We will play a guess the character game, and talk about the characteristics of our favourite fictional people. Then the children will create their own characters with me, and write a poem about them.
This teaches children the ingrediants needed to write unique and memorable characters.   
3) Story Secrets: In this workshop the children will plan their own island stories, either individually or as a whole class. I will explain the secret componants needed for all great stories, and share how I plan my own. I provide worksheets for children to build their story around, using these componants, and prompts if needed. We will then write the opening of our stories.
This session teaches children about story arcs, and gives them the tools they need to form their ideas into a storyline. 
Skype Visits
I offer a limited number of free Skype visits, on one designated day per month. They comprise of a brief introduction, followed by a Q&A, and last up to 40 minutes. 
My fees are in line with those outlined by The Society of Authors. Please contact me for more information.
Useful information
The Society of Authors has a great guide about organising author visits. You can also find out more about the merits of author visits from World Book Day.
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